Hey guys, sorry for not posting up lately. I’ve been buy with work and school. School is taking up a lot of my weekends time with my camera. I did make some time last week for a photo shoot at a dog park.

I saw the cutest French Bulldog ever and it had bi-eyed. How any of you seen a bi-eyes Frenchie? I have never seen a bi-eyes Frenchie before, does this mean it’s not pure breed?



Daisy meet a new friend, a dog model. Daisy has expensive taste!!!

Too slow!!!






About Kenneth ng

Hello!! Kenneth here. A thing or two about me eh? My friends tell me that I'm very likable. I'm very goofy and makes funny noise to get attention. I have always loved photography ever since I was a young boy but it was not until recently I had discovered a passion for it. It all started when I was asked to help my friend take some photos of his graduation with his DSLR camera. I'm a huge, HUGE lover of animals. I would stop by any pet store I see while driving and spend hours shopping for my pets and looking through every single isle. I've been photographing pets since 2009 and love every moment I spend with them. If you love animals just as much as I do, then I think we will hit it off.
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